Mindfulness: Why are We Afraid of Choosing a Path Full of Pleasures?


What happens when someone asks us if we are happy? We get startled. It seems if we accept what we have then the almighty might stop giving it to us.

Earlier, satisfaction used to be the most important characteristics of our life. Later, ambitions attacked it.

Our mind has been trained in such a manner that it runs after only those things which are unavailable. We often make fun of people who disagree with us. While doing so, we make ourselves dissatisfied and restless. Mind become so dull that it is unable to differentiate between the real and fake.

We do not try to follow those paths which we have made. It’s not because we are scared, but because we never liked to make path. We don’t even try and keep on moving on the same usual paths.

How the paths are made? How the trails are made? Both are made by the nectar of soul. How is the nectar of soul made? Nectar is made by inner sound, by inner voice, which you should take it to some direction.

Direction can be found with a vision, by the thin layers of your thoughts. But we don’t get pleasure because we never had it. This is why people untimely decide to give up their life. That is why people commit suicide.

After devoting their whole life to certain things, they realise that they are on the wrong path. They begin to destroy their real personality. Devoting life for the things which do not have any value, is also like suicide.

Remember safe decisions will only keep us alive, not happy. Why do we avoid choosing life? Because we don’t want to be seen as weak. We have made walls of suggestions around our decisions. We are afraid of taking new paths.

If there is nothing unique or innovative in our thought process, what would be the outcome? Choices of pleasures and paths are deeply interrelated. Understand the mind properly as the mind webs are the obstacles between you and your enthusiasm.