Dancing Dad Practices Ballet With Daughter


A father in Newport News, Virginia, unleashed his inner danseur, as he helped his young daughter practice for a freestyle ballet performance.

In footage posted to Facebook on May 13, six-year-old Abigail Witt and her father, Bryan, can be seen going through a sequence to the sound of Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Little Swans.

According to Abigail’s mother, Kristen (who choreographed the dance), Abby is taking ballet classes via Zoom. “The week before Mother’s Day weekend, she was to do a freestyle ballet,” Abby’s mother told Storyful.

“She wasn’t prepared and didn’t do a dance. Afterward, she was very upset and anxious to have to perform it the next week.” Kristen then asked her daughter if she wanted help choreographing a dance “so that she didn’t feel put on the spot.”

A former competitive dancer, Kristen put together a 45-second piece for her daughter to practice. “Over the next few days, she practiced many times and would get upset and cry at the thought of messing up. So, I’d practice with her to boost her confidence.”

Her husband had also “seen her do it so many times he knew what to do,” so “to get her spirits up, he stepped in and did it with her a few times. She thought is was just so awesome and it made her so happy.”

Kristen added, “I videoed them because it was just so precious. When I told my husband I was going to put it on Facebook, he gave me a look like ’don’t you dare.’ But, I did it anyway!” Credit: Pure Joy: The Adventures of Abby via Storyful